Keeping up with a Tazmanian Devil – Jayden

We baby sat Jayden one Sunday evening, and we are still tired from running around with him at the park!  Jayden wore Olivia out as well.  We took him to a park in our neighborhood, and Jayden ran through the park trying everything; running up a slide, monkey bars and running onto the swings!  Check out the pics…

Olivia goes to the gym, then off to a wedding

Here is Olivia at her first gym class – note the excitement.

Here is Olivia at her first wedding – note the fear.  Thanks Cindy for the soft blanket!

Great baby carrier – no hands!

Look – no hands!  We finally learned how to use these wraps to carry our little OAT, and it has been a tremendous help.  I finally have my two hands back and can get lots things done while she naps…like eat!  She even likes to be in it when she’s awake, which is helpful.

The wrap I got is from GypsyMama, but you can get these wraps at most of the baby boutique stores (Be By Baby, Kickin and Belly Dance).  The wrap is literally between 4.5-6.0 yds of cloth that you just wrap around your body to carry the little babe similarly to a baby bjorn.

Weddings, birthdays and babies – oh my!

Celebrating Candice’s 28th bday at her house…it is for sale if anybody’s looking for a new home!

Check out baby Eliza Jane sticking her tongue out.

Ann’s wedding. Remind not to stand next to a gorgeous bride when I’m pregnant!

Looks like boys reading on the toilet starts VERY young!

Can Brian handle 2 kids…



Out of town visitors

My cousin John came from SF with a couple of his buddies and got their asses whooped. I’m sure they will return the favor when we head out west. Also visiting from the west was my brother and his family. It was very nice seeing all the family and introducing them to the OAT. See a few photos below, and yes, i know i look retarded.