Daddy Day Care Part 1

I have a deep respect for all mothers out there. It’s one of the toughest jobs and the patience and attention required is one to be admired. I feel blessed to have such loving family and friends and having a child is my proudest acheivement to date. I can’t help but smile when I think of my daughter and can’t wait to have a few more. Annalisa has been great updating our blog and it’s such a great experience to go back in time and see how small she was and it’s only been 5 months and time flies by so fast. We added a monthly newsletter so all you have to do is put in your email and subscribe to it in the left hand side….we hope to that we can continue to share news of our friends and families…..and all these damn babies that are being born. Apparently, we aren’t 21 anymore. Here is one of my favorite pics.

Olivia tries to eat…something other than breastmilk

About 3 weeks ago, we started feeding her rice cereal.  She makes the funniest, confused face when she puts the cereal in her mouth because she doesn’t know what to think.  I really don’t think she likes it, but she gets confused.  I’m praising her like she did something amazing, so half of her wants to be excited as well.

More cereal on the outside of her mouth

She probably liked chewing on the spoon more than eating the cereal…

Olivia likes to drink…

It’s true, she loves to drink…out of a glass!  She reaches for the glass everytime we drink when we’re holding her (she thinks it’s within reach).  This particular day, she was so excited to drink that she even enjoyed it after choking a big on the water (it was hard for me to pour water into her mouth while recording).

She drinks, coughs a bit, but still wants more…

Olivia’s first playmate – little Ms. Eliza Jane

Last night, I went over to Ashlee’s so the little girls could play together and it was hilarious.  Both of them can roll around, so they just rolled into each other!

Olivia had fun playing with different toys, but she definitely knew she wasn’t at home.  It took her some time to get adjusted…I think Olivia’s very shy.

Eliza is adorable, and she’s grown so tall so fast (sorry Olivia, but you’re Asian and shorter).  Olivia is just staring at Eliza wondering how she got so much taller than her, when she’s the older one…

New arrival: Julia Elizabeth Aherns

Terri and Kevin added baby #2 to their growing family.  Terri’s labor and delivery was very exciting, to say the least.  Contractions came on so fast, that Kevin thought he was going to have to deliver her in the car on the way to the hospital.  Julia was born about 12 minutes after arriving at the hospital!