Teething, nursing strikes and whining

The week we left for our vacation, Olivia decided to change things up.  She started a nursing strike, making the trip a little more complicated, and I think she’s started teething!!

1) Nursing strike:  I feel like I spent half of my trip enjoying Hawaii and the other half pumping then feeding her!  To top it all off, my milk supply had decreased and she lost a little bit of weight.  In an effort to bolster the supply, I was making an effort to pump often.  To make sure we had enough milk in a bottle for Olivia, I even had to pump in a public restroom in LAX…gross!  Could you imagine standing in a public restroom and pumping?  Maybe some have already done this?

2) Teething:  We really think she’s teething b/c she’s started chewing on her pacifier.  Also, when she takes my finger she’s biting down on it now, and she has pretty strong gums for a 3 month-old!

3) Just today, we heard her whine for the first time and she even created a different cry to go with it.  However, she stopped as soon as I took her sweater off, so maybe it was merely her “I’m too hot” cry?  We will have to follow-up on this one.

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