Seahorses at the Shedd

Mrs. Sotomil and Kayla were nice enough to host us (3 moms, 2 grandmothers and 5 toddlers) for a private lunch and tour of the Shedd. She helped bring the seahorses, which are from the Phillippines, to the Shedd. The seahorses were pretty cute, and I learned that there are a lot of interactive activities for kids. (Good place to take the kids on a cold or rainy day)

We started with a great steak salad for lunch that ended with the most amazing (low-cal) brownie. Thank goodness it was a private meeting room bc the kids would not have sat still long enough for us to eat! After lunch, the kids got to go down to the new play area; they got to stick their hands in water, wear penguin outfits while they play on “icebergs” and watch the dolphins and beluga whales swim around. There’s even a submarine for the kids to play in, which Olivia got trampled in so she didn’t play in that for too long. Then we got to watch the Fantasea show to see all the animals in action. Surprisingly, all the kids sat through the entire show – they must have enjoyed it. We ended the day by visiting the cute little seahorses, and Lola Bambi (Mrs. Sotomil) was nice enough to treat the kids to one souvenir each. Olivia chose the book, Mister Seahorse, which has great pictures and a cute storyline focused around dads.

Meet the friendly iguana:

Meet Olivia, the penguin:

2 thoughts on “Seahorses at the Shedd

  1. I love it–torturing Olivia for the video. And how does she sleep through her workout?!? Very cute stuff…love it!

  2. I LOVE the seahorses! The are my FAVE! That and the popcorn are my favorite things at the Shedd!

    Looks like you and Miss O have had quite the busy summer! This little camp you’ve got going on looks pretty fun – sign me up!

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