Meltdown part II

This weekend somebody told us they think Olivia’s so cute that it makes them want to have kids.  That was a very nice comment, but I had to remind them that it’s not always as much fun as the blog makes it out to be.

Here’s a clip of one of her meltdowns.  For your sake, it’s not that long.  In reality it lasted about 15 minutes.  I just picked up Lana and Bryce for our trip to Purdue when she started wailing.  We figure we would be fine so long as there was no traffic…but, of course, there was…  (I was driving, so I just held my phone up)  Bryce slept right through it – how?

Thank goodness she did not repeat this on the drive home.

One thought on “Meltdown part II

  1. multiply that by two…are you ready for more already? haha…she’s still so cute, can’t wait to see her this wknd!

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