Visiting Purdue and the old House

We drove down to Purdue on Saturday to meet Little Ms. Ivy Dean and see Iris.  Amazing Kathy came down by herself to wrangle two kids. (I saw it, but I still don’t know how she did it!)  Ali and Lucy Goosey met us at PU while Lana and Bryce drove down with Olivia and I.  It was great to meet Ivy Dean – she is so cute and tiny.  Iris is talking already and she is beautiful.

Olivia just followed her around and tried to play with whatever she was playing with.  Iris introduced her to a stroller buckle that she became obsessed with.  She wanted to play with it so badly, that I was the mom on the sidewalk trying to pick Olivia up but would stretch out her arms and scream so I couldn’t grab her.  When I finally got her, she would scream and try to get out of the stroller…all bc she wanted to play with the buckle.

Not only did the “stroller brigade” look funny on a college campus, but it looked even funnier when we tried to have lunch at a bar, Jakes.  The aisles were, thank goodness, wide enough for us to park our strollers and take over 2 booths!  Olivia and Iris wouldn’t sit still but Lucy Goosey, Ivy Dean and Mr. Bryce were just fine.  Finally, after lunch and some attempts at shopping, they fell asleep…all of them…thank goodness!

The campus has changed so much, though our old house (from the outside) looked exactly the same.  We couldn’t get into the house.  It’s always fun to go back, but this was the first time I really walked through the campus since graduating.

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