Olivia gives Daddy a kiss

Since Olivia learned how to make the kissing sound, oom-wha, she will kiss toys, blankets, her clothes and her grandparents when we leave them.  However, she doesn’t kiss us.  She will walk up to the old Cabbage Patch Kid doll to give her a kiss all on her own, but turns her head when we ask for one!  One day, she actually gave Brian a kiss – here’s the clip. (I’m still waiting for mine)

2 thoughts on “Olivia gives Daddy a kiss

  1. That’s just adorable… so wonderful you got Olivia’s first kiss to Daddy on video! Annalisa, be patient. Moms always get shafted. Brian, it gets me all sentimental seeing you as a Dad. A far cry from the Brian I had to deal with when I lived with your family… heh heh.

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