Getaway at Country Inn

On Monday, Bridget/Cash and Olivia/I, took a weekday getaway to Portage, IN to meet Amy/Jackson/Levi, Donna, Lana/Mark/Baby Bryce.  It was so much fun, and I was so excited that all the kids/parents got the chance to meet each other!

The drive down was comical as Cash and Olivia had a screaming contest, and dinner with 4 kids when we arrived was even funnier.  How do you get 3 kids to stay in highchairs when they’re excited to play with each other…you don’t!

We all got to meet Baby Bryce (a couple weeks old), and he was so sweet – the only quiet one of the bunch.  When I held him, he felt weightless bc I am so used to Olivia.  He was so new and fragile that I was nervous holding him.

The kids got to play in the pool (Olivia’s first time) and they had so much fun.

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