First bottle, first suction and first spin class

Both Olivia and I reached new milestones this week – Olivia her first bottle and me my first spin class in over 4 months!!

We were so worried about her taking to the bottle, and she ate out of the bottle no problem!  I AM FREE, I AM FREE – we can now be away from a comfy breastfeeding spot for more than 2 hours!  Maybe now Brian can wake up in the middle of the night to feed her…

My first spin class, specifically the seat, was quite painful and very difficult.  I can’t believe I used to do that often – it’s hard!

Olivia’s first suction:

3 thoughts on “First bottle, first suction and first spin class

  1. hooray on all 3 accounts! my kids never liked the blue suction thingy! i am jealous that oat took the bottle wtf!! efforts must be doubled!! :) hooray for spinning! be careful and pace yourself! i popped 2 stiches…ouch!

  2. for most people yes, 4 weeks and they are pretty much gone, however, in my case i had 2 that were still in, and at my 6 week appt. my doctor had to remove them…ouch!

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