An afternoon with Uncle Romeo and Uncle Bryce

I took her swimming in their pool, which she doesn’t always enjoy but it’s something different. She met Bryce’s teddy bear from his childhood, Mr. Rupert, then had guacamole and chips at Cesar’s then ended the night with more avocado, most of which ended up on her face and tray:

She tried hamming it up (I think in an attempt to get out of the stroller) by showing off her “pretty eyes.” My mom taught her that. I guess she taught me the same thing when I was little, and I would squint my eyes. Olivia has her own version and she just blinks really hard.

Cooky girl

Sometimes I catch her doing silly things:

If you look closely, you can see her arms are in front of her and her hands are clasped together. I thought she looked like such a little adult.
Hnds clasped

She got into one of the lower cabinets and found the strainer…or mask.
Strainer or mask?

Olivia’s favorite hang out…our bottom step

My mom watched her one night and played with her on the steps most of the evening. Since then, she likes to sit by the steps and will bring me over to the step to sit with her too.

My mom came back to watch her again, and they spent most of their time on the steps:

Tiny Tsai

After my creativity began to flow from making Olivia’s birthday onesie, I made some for Lily Mae. Here’s the “Tiny Tsai” onesie I made for her (thanks to Terri who inspired the idea).

Do I snore?

Lately, it’s been hard to get a full night’s rest because Brian’s started snoring. Of course, he doesn’t believe me, so I recorded it. Does this sound like snoring to you (there’s no image on the video just sound)?

Seahorses at the Shedd

Mrs. Sotomil and Kayla were nice enough to host us (3 moms, 2 grandmothers and 5 toddlers) for a private lunch and tour of the Shedd. She helped bring the seahorses, which are from the Phillippines, to the Shedd. The seahorses were pretty cute, and I learned that there are a lot of interactive activities for kids. (Good place to take the kids on a cold or rainy day)

We started with a great steak salad for lunch that ended with the most amazing (low-cal) brownie. Thank goodness it was a private meeting room bc the kids would not have sat still long enough for us to eat! After lunch, the kids got to go down to the new play area; they got to stick their hands in water, wear penguin outfits while they play on “icebergs” and watch the dolphins and beluga whales swim around. There’s even a submarine for the kids to play in, which Olivia got trampled in so she didn’t play in that for too long. Then we got to watch the Fantasea show to see all the animals in action. Surprisingly, all the kids sat through the entire show – they must have enjoyed it. We ended the day by visiting the cute little seahorses, and Lola Bambi (Mrs. Sotomil) was nice enough to treat the kids to one souvenir each. Olivia chose the book, Mister Seahorse, which has great pictures and a cute storyline focused around dads.

Meet the friendly iguana:

Meet Olivia, the penguin:

Busy weekend

It started on Thursday when Olivia got to meet her cousins from California, Lauren and Lily. Lauren is 4 and such a big girl now, and Lily is too cute – like a little dumpling, as described by Kayla. Not only did Olivia have fun playing with her new cousins, but she also enjoyed having the cold air from the AC unit blow in her face – that kept her entertained for about 30 minutes. Brian and Bob had fun…competing in the 1st ever Diaper-Changing Contest:

Friday we grilled out with Marcel and Cammy and their 4 very energetic boys (Marcelles, Amos, Levi and Isaac), whom Olivia had lots of fun playing with. With 4 boys and their toys, there’s always something or someone interesting to play with. We also got to try these great little Romanian sausages, mici.

We helped Cash celebrate his 2nd birthday and get messy in his sand and water table. Other kids helped messing her up by throwing sand around – thank goodness I brought a 2nd outfit!

Sunday was Lily Mae’s baptism, and Olivia met her now favorite uncle, Uncle Ranier. We have no idea what it is about him, but she absolutely loved being held by him. We tried taking her away from him and she cried! It was so cute. Check what Olivia does to the picture of Ranier holding her:

Here are the pics from our eventful weekend: