Storytime at the zoo

Before today’s run, we went to story time at the zoo. They had live music for the kids today, so you know Olivia enjoyed it. She was torn between dancing to the music and scoping out all the kids…particularly the boys (oh no).

Before we went home, we also stopped at the Farmer’s Market where a musician was playing his guitar. Oddly enough, many little boys stopped to listen and dance to him…so did Olivia.

Meltdown part II

This weekend somebody told us they think Olivia’s so cute that it makes them want to have kids.  That was a very nice comment, but I had to remind them that it’s not always as much fun as the blog makes it out to be.

Here’s a clip of one of her meltdowns.  For your sake, it’s not that long.  In reality it lasted about 15 minutes.  I just picked up Lana and Bryce for our trip to Purdue when she started wailing.  We figure we would be fine so long as there was no traffic…but, of course, there was…  (I was driving, so I just held my phone up)  Bryce slept right through it – how?

Thank goodness she did not repeat this on the drive home.

The belly button

Olivia recently found her belly button.  However, when she sits down to play with it, she loses it bc her stomach covers it up.  So it’s a bit of a mystery for her; she finds it when she stands but loses it when she sits…

Visiting Purdue and the old House

We drove down to Purdue on Saturday to meet Little Ms. Ivy Dean and see Iris.  Amazing Kathy came down by herself to wrangle two kids. (I saw it, but I still don’t know how she did it!)  Ali and Lucy Goosey met us at PU while Lana and Bryce drove down with Olivia and I.  It was great to meet Ivy Dean – she is so cute and tiny.  Iris is talking already and she is beautiful.

Olivia just followed her around and tried to play with whatever she was playing with.  Iris introduced her to a stroller buckle that she became obsessed with.  She wanted to play with it so badly, that I was the mom on the sidewalk trying to pick Olivia up but would stretch out her arms and scream so I couldn’t grab her.  When I finally got her, she would scream and try to get out of the stroller…all bc she wanted to play with the buckle.

Not only did the “stroller brigade” look funny on a college campus, but it looked even funnier when we tried to have lunch at a bar, Jakes.  The aisles were, thank goodness, wide enough for us to park our strollers and take over 2 booths!  Olivia and Iris wouldn’t sit still but Lucy Goosey, Ivy Dean and Mr. Bryce were just fine.  Finally, after lunch and some attempts at shopping, they fell asleep…all of them…thank goodness!

The campus has changed so much, though our old house (from the outside) looked exactly the same.  We couldn’t get into the house.  It’s always fun to go back, but this was the first time I really walked through the campus since graduating.

Visiting Melissa and Corey and meeting new friends

Melissa was visiting from Charleston, so we went to Corey’s house so Olivia could meet all the kids.  She met and tried to hang with the two big boys, Eli and Gibson, and met their younger siblings, Jude and Phoebe.  All the kids just entertained each other, which was nice.  Olivia jumped out of my arms as soon as we walked through the door.  Jude and Phoebe are so cute and smiley, and the older boys were so much older and taller than the last time I saw them.

Here’s a clip of Melissa teaching Olivia how to be a monkey: 

We wished Melissa and the boys lived closer and need to see Corey and the kids more often!

Happy birthday, Darius

Olivia helped Darius celebrate his 1st bday at Bubbles. She had fun playing with the instruments, bubbles and other kids.

Olivia and Darius take a break to have a drink

Olivia and Darius take a break to have a drink

Darius digs into his birthday cupcake

Darius digs into his birthday cupcake

Here’s a clip of some Bubbles fun: 

Here’s a clip of Olivia chasing bubbles then getting distracted by the large drum.  

Meeting Luke Wisker

We met Luke this past weekend, and he was just adorable.  He actually hung out with us and was awake for part of the visit.  Baby Bryce made it out too.

Olivia gives Daddy a kiss

Since Olivia learned how to make the kissing sound, oom-wha, she will kiss toys, blankets, her clothes and her grandparents when we leave them.  However, she doesn’t kiss us.  She will walk up to the old Cabbage Patch Kid doll to give her a kiss all on her own, but turns her head when we ask for one!  One day, she actually gave Brian a kiss – here’s the clip. (I’m still waiting for mine)