Olivia’s look-alike

Smaller picture request

We’ve had requests from people to post pictures that didn’t take up the entire screen when you clicked on it. So we fixed it and pics are smaller now. Enjoy!

Quick addition by Brian. I was able to sneak a quick video of Anna while posting. Quite funny!

How does Olivia get so strong?

In this pic, we were at Buy Buy Baby when she decided to start lifting weights (box of toys, one in each hand).

Yes, Olivia actually picked these up and walked around - we were all surprised

Yes, Olivia actually picked these up and walked around - we were all surprised

How did she get so strong you ask? Here are clips of a few of her workouts:


Arm exercise: (Can you hear her grunting with effort?)

Leg exercise:

Olivia picks her nose

This clip is pretty bad.  When Olivia’s older, she may actually be embarrassed about this video.  I always thought that her finger sometimes “landed” in her nose when she sucked her fingers bc that was just a comfortable placement.  Anyway, today I learned that she puts her finger in her nose herself!

Father’s Day

This year was Brian’s first official Father’s Day, and we spent it at Soldier Field’s 1st Annual Father’s Day Brunch with Ger, Rachel and Jayden.  Brunch was a great spread and the Dads got to kick a field goal with Brad Maynard.  Both of them kicked the distance but neither made it between the goal posts.

For dinner, we went to my parents house to celebrate father’s day with my dad and to give Olivia one more try blowing out a candle and smashing a cake.  Olivia even got to play with my aunt/uncle’s pug.  She may be getting used to dogs…lucky for Lou.

Here are the rest of the pics:

Happy 1st birthday, Olivia!

We survived our 1st year as parents!  It’s so true what they say, “it goes by fast,” and it does.  In just one short year she’s gone from an immobile baby to a little person with a big personality and lots of curiosity.  We are sad to say goodbye to the little baby and hello to Olivia the toddler.  “Toddler” sounds so old to me; I think of a 4yr old when I hear “toddler.”  However, we are excited to hear her start speaking and her growing independence makes it easier on me :)

Here are pics from her 1st birthday party.  I got a bit crafty (it’s what happens when you stay at home) and made the onesie and chocolate lollipops in the gift bags.

Here’s the slideshow of the rest of the pics:

Smooth ride

I just took our new jogging stroller out for a walk, and it is awesome! It is a much smoother ride than the Orbit, especially on our bumpy city sidewalks. The Orbit was the most convenient stroller, but the jogging stroller is probably more comfortable for Olivia.

Now it’s time to take the jogging stroller out on a jog…

We’re back!

We successfully completed our first international trip with an infant, though we almost missed our plane…twice!  When we were leaving Rome, we were running late and, after finding the correct parking garage for the rental car, returning it, changing her diaper and getting something to eat, we made it to the gate with 10 mins to spare…to see the gate empty.  Luckily, Brian heard our name called over the PA system and heard the new gate number, which, of course, is not a gate nearby.  We made that flight to Paris and was already checked in for our connecting flight home to Chicago the next day.  In Paris, all the lines took so long that when we got to security (about 30 mins before takeoff), they told us to take the shuttle to our gate.  We thought we were so close already.  Thank goodness for the family line, bc that line was substantially shorter and we made that flight with 10 mins to spare also…phew.  For those traveling to Europe with children, be sure to ask about “Family” lines at the airport when going through security, customs and boarding – much shorter and faster.

Olivia was great – she slept on the plane and each time we got in the car for long drives (phew!) She did, however, get car-sick when we drove through the mountains and threw up on herself…and she didn’t even cry!

Driving in Italy was an adventure since our GPS, whom we named Madge, wasn’t working perfectly the entire time.  Yes, we did get lost a few times.  On one occasion, we got so lost we found our destination!

We were paired to room with the best roommates; Aunt Joanne who came with a carry-on full of food, and Jocelyn who was great with Olivia and ran with me…she also stopped running with me when I got winded!  The wedding and location were both beautiful, and it is always fun to get together with family that we don’t get to see very often.   We really enjoyed meeting Jason and Charlotte’s friends and family.

Here are the rest of the pics from our trip: