Things that scare Olivia


1) People that are tall, bc she’s surrounded by her short parents/family most of the time, and

2) Animals

It was such a nice day out yesterday, we took Olivia to Lincoln Park Zoo to look at all the animals.  Brian and I had more fun than Olivia, because we haven’t been to the Zoo since we were younger ourselves.  (I went one other time but only got to see the gorillas).  She was definitely afraid of almost all the animals (we weren’t expecting that).  I had her strapped onto my chest in the Bjorn, and she kept reaching her hands back towards me instead of reaching out for the animals.  When I brought her close to the glass, she would kick and scream until I got away.  She was even frightened by the penguins that came up to the glass!

Pear Logic 2.0

Check out our updated company site, and (SEO site).  We really had a lot of fun revising the site, because we worked on a lot of it together picking out images and taglines.  Through this exercise, I learned, first hand, how fun marketing can be and how easily it can drive somebody crazy!  From trying to find the perfect picture that fits in the designated space to perfecting two short sentences bc every word counts. 

It was fun and we hope you like it as much as we do!