A night in with the men


After an afternoon of pink and princesses, it was an evening of watching basketball and the Pacquio fight (which he was unable to get through his cable) at Dad Fred’s house with the boys; Dad Fred, Brian, Uncle Eric and Uncle Tomas. To Olivia it was like extended playtime, and she didn’t even want to go to bed until we left – around 9:30pm!  The soft carpeted floors must have felt nice on her knees.

Mia’s 1st bday party


Princess Mia turned 1 last Saturday, and here are a few pics from the day’s festivities. Olivia loved playing (or chewing) on all of Mia’s toys bc they were all brand new toys.  There was no way we were going to get a group shot of the kids here!

Happy Mother’s Day

I’m sitting here enjoying a perfect breakfast in bed; French toast with fresh fruit and honey (cooked by brian), freshly squeezed juice, cereal, coffee and flowers. It’s such a nice way to start the day. Brian’s getting olivia fed and ready for the day, so I can get myself organized for the day – this is the life!

It’s a great and memorable 1st mother’s day – thanks, brian!

Happy Mother’s day to you all!

We learned our lesson

Olivia’s pretty easy to take out to restaurants…except when it’s close to her bed time.

We took Bryce to Devon’s (one of the nicer restaurants we’ve taken Olivia to) for his birthday last night at 6:30 and brought Olivia with us. For those with kids, you know how close this is to bed time, but this was our first time flirting with danger like this. She was enjoying the biscuits and having fun with the people outside the window.  People were even stopping to play with her as they walked passed the window.  (Olivia was making faces at the people walking by)  It was cute and fun UNTIL 7:30 came and she was ready for bed.  Cute was over and we became that table with the restless child. She even did the screaming cry that forced me to take her out for a walk.  Being stubborn, we didn’t let that end our evening and even ordered dessert but had to eat it very quickly!

Needless to say, she crashed as soon as strapped her into the car seat.  We may not be doing many more “late, adult” dinners with Olivia.  (Anybody babysitters out there?)

Bryce – happy birthday!