Show me your teeth and ice cream

Both of which she did today; my dad taught her how to open her mouth to show us her teeth, and she got to eat custard today.

Ha – We took her to a nice restaurant for dinner!

Granted, it was at 5:30pm, but we still got away with it. We went to Aja with Brian’s parents and took Olivia with. She had fun making faces at the waiters and Ama and Angkong and got to eat lots of good food (braised pork, kobe beef and dessert)

One problem: the Dana hotel does NOT have a changing table in their bathroom! They had to make a few calls to figure out where I could change her. Of course, she had a messy #2 (which only happens when we’re out). They finally sent me to their meeting room floor where there no meetings going on , and I changed her on a chair in the elevator lobby. Do you think they foresaw infants in their restaurant?

Here’s a clip of how she kept herself occupied:

Happy 35th Birthday Brian!!

Can you believe it?

I surprised him with a round of golf with his friends. He thought he was golfing with only my Dad (his dad is out of town) until he walked out of the office and saw Rick, Dave and PJ in our living room. You know how excited he was to play golf – he was more excited to play with some friends. I’m sure my Dad would have been fun as well :)

Look what Cash and Jackson taught her


Olivia took her first steps a couple of weeks ago, but only took 2-3 steps in a row at the most…until she hung out with Cash and Jackson.  She must have seen how cool they looked and how much fun they were having.  Even when we got home from our getaway, she kept practicing her walk.  Here’s a clip of that – she even stops to dance for a bit:

Getaway at Country Inn

On Monday, Bridget/Cash and Olivia/I, took a weekday getaway to Portage, IN to meet Amy/Jackson/Levi, Donna, Lana/Mark/Baby Bryce.  It was so much fun, and I was so excited that all the kids/parents got the chance to meet each other!

The drive down was comical as Cash and Olivia had a screaming contest, and dinner with 4 kids when we arrived was even funnier.  How do you get 3 kids to stay in highchairs when they’re excited to play with each other…you don’t!

We all got to meet Baby Bryce (a couple weeks old), and he was so sweet – the only quiet one of the bunch.  When I held him, he felt weightless bc I am so used to Olivia.  He was so new and fragile that I was nervous holding him.

The kids got to play in the pool (Olivia’s first time) and they had so much fun.