Fun at feeding time

Olivia’s now able to pick food up (and anything else she finds on the floor) and put it in her mouth herself. Thus, her “menu” of meals includes more and more foods like egg yolk, which explodes when you put it in the microwave (who knew?) Can you see the egg yolk all over her face in the pic? img_3031

Because she’s teething, it feels good to chew on everything so she bites on the spoon and holds it in her mouth for a bit. Sometimes she makes me work to get the spoon back.

When she’s full, she makes this funny face:

Babysitting club


We put together a group to swap free babysitting services with. Hopefully, all of us will be able to enjoy more movies and nice restaurants more often.

It’s always fun to see little babies “play” together. Luke, the only boy, was a bit intimidated because he couldn’t get away from the mobile older girls (Olivia and Eliza). Little Lucy was so cute, so new and so sleepy – slept through it all!

Mystery juice

Whatever you’re thinking right now is not what I’m talking about.

While on the phone Olivia found a drink and managed to spill it all over her leg. However, I can’t find the source of where she spilled it! I see the empty container, but no liquid near by to clean up. I wonder where the mess could be…

Tweeting, Facebooking and Qikking?

When Brian tells me about these new and cool things that can be done online, I feel like my mom – an old woman not current with technology. I just learned about Twitter, though it’s no use for me bc nothing I do is interesting enough that I need to IM it to the world unlike Ashton Kutcher and John Mayer.

Then there’s “qikking” that allows you to take live video from a phone and post it on a blog or the Qik site. Ashton and Demi Moore do this. Watching their video makes me feel like they are my friends. Check out this video: Don’t you feel like they are your friends now too?

Olivia’s first time playing with grass (the kind on the ground)

During that one summer March day, we went to Lincoln Park and played on the lawn. It was the first time she saw grass, and it was the only thing she didn’t try to put in her mouth!

I’m making the call…

About her first word…”mma ma”

She’s been babbling since early February, when her teeth first came in. Personally, I think she was babbling bc she was in pain from the teething, but I am still going to count it as her first word :)

Immediately afterwards, we heard “ba ba” and “dye dye.” Just recently she started saying “da da”… to both of us.

She definitely voices herself a lot more now. For the first time, she screamed loudly when I took something away from her while we were in public – a nice quiet cafe full of people on their laptops. I hope she doesn’t do that too often…

Clubbing 2009

Well, apparently we are still clubbing. The only difference is that this time around it is filled with kids ( and it was at 1pm not 1am. Pretty funny, I ordered alcohol with olivia in my arms. See the pic of the event at the Metro.




Little Ms. Independent

She needs us less and less each day :(

She is definitely mobile; she can walk if she has something to hold onto and has even stood by herself.

Brian taught her how to feed herself with a spoon the other day, though I don’t think she knows what she’s doing. Now she always wants to feed herself…or fling food around.

More of her personality and preferences are starting to come out, most of which is expressed through whining. She can fake cry when she’s annoyed, cry really hard when she’s really mad and make cute funny faces when she’s trying to play with us.

It’s amazing how much infants learn and how quickly they learn.


Turns out she can climb UP stairs. I’ve seen her stare at the steps and climb up 1 step, then fall down. The other day, she finally summed up enough courage to try them…and she made it up about 7 steps before she got tired and wanted to come down. We learned that she does NOT know how to get down yet. Looks like it’s time to get gate #2.