Where are all the baby boys?

With so many people having girls, I wondered where all the baby boys were hiding.  Well, I found them.  They were born about 1.5 – 2 yrs ago!  We met Bridget and 3 of her other friends at the zoo, and all of them were similar in ages and boys!!!

Also, I think there is a wave of boys coming – at least we know of 2 for sure.  Thanks to Angie and Lana for the boys.  You know, both Angie and Lana are engineers and work for construction companies…think there is a link?

Spring time in Chicago…in February


After the zoo, we met up with Eliza and Ashlee.  We had lunch at Milk ‘n’ Honey and sat in front of an open window and enjoyed the sun…in February!  On the way home, we stopped off at the park, and Olivia rode on a swing for the first time and slid down the slide.  I forget that she is big enough to try these things, bc everytime I stopped by the park last summer Olivia just slept.

We had so much fun outside, especially after being cooped inside for so long!  Both Olivia and I may have even picked up some color from sitting outside.  This must be what winters are like in California!

Top 5 things I most love about being a dad

As i sit her an ponder how lucky I am to have great friends and family I wanted to share to all future parents what I love most about being a dad.

  1. Having a daughter is the most special thing in the world to have daddy’s little girl and see her smile when you walk in the door. It’s truly priceless.
  2. Having a daughter is like have 1 1/2 annalisa’s which is so great
  3. Perspective! Parenthood in an instant let’s you know what life is all about and all those trials and tribulations with your parents seems to have a sense of clarity… “ah, now I know why they did what they did.”
  4. It’s so cliche, but it’s true. You can’t possibly know what it’s like until you yourself has kids
  5. As the wise chris rock said “your only goal in life is to keep her off of the pole”

Stay tuned for the top 5 things i dislike about being a dad and more importantly being the dad of a baby girl!


01.19.09 – 02.07.09

Olivia had a cold for over 2 weeks, so we couldn’t take her to any of her classes that gets us out of the house and it was so cold outside we couldn’t take her to run too many errands.  I finally started to get cabin fever and began going to the gym again!

We were lucky that all she had was a runny nose, but it was a non-stop faucet for 2 weeks and she, of course, hated getting her nose wiped.  We fought each time.  She won and managed to use me to get the snot all over face and not just around the nose area.  Do you know how often I had to wash her face (she let me wash her face but she wouldn’t let me wipe her nose)?

People still stopped by to visit…

Cash and Bridget stop by

She finally meets Dekker.  She looks more interested in Brian’s beer than in Dekker

Janelle visits again to revisit a potential hospital for her residency.  Olivia loved hanging out with her Auntie Janelle

Both Matt and Amanda (sick and still went out on one of Chicago’s coldest nights) stopped by for a visit before we all went out to dinner.  I wonder if Peanut’s as impressed with all of Matt’s hair as we are.

Jenny and Angie visit

My brother – sometimes I babysit 2 kids…

After another session of Bikram, Brian, Dave and Olivia talk.

WE ARE FREE NOW!! Her cold is gone and the weather is warm enough to be outside…woohoo!

Special gift


We took Sejal out to a belated birthday brunch, but Olivia received the special gift – a hand-knit blanket!!  One of Matthew’s surprise skills is knitting…and he’s very good at it.  Brian and I were in awe when we saw the blanket and the work that must have gone into it.  He said it took him about 6 months on and off to get it done — wow!

See the blanket in Sejal’s hand?  It is not a very good picture, so we will have to take a better one…

Don’t worry, Matthew, we are using the blanket and it is not being used as decoration!