Visiting friends

After being cooped up indoors during these cold winter days, we had to visit some friends. We played with Cash (someday she will be as tall as Cash, though not for a long time), she met Aunt Heidi and Dekker came by. Dekker’s convinced she looks just like Bobby (Brian’s brother). Let’s hope Bobby turns out to be a cute girl!


Lately she’s been standing on her own for a couple of seconds.  Yesterday, while visiting Heidi, she stood by herself for about 10 seconds (it felt like longer!)

Today, while Brian and I were on the computer, she kept grabbing for Brian’s bag of potato chips.  Brian told her to stand and she could have some chips.  All of a sudden he looks over at her and she’s standing by herself!  No, we did not give her any chips.

I run to grab the camera, but the battery’s dead – go figure.  We are going to try and get it on video.

Remembering the army crawl

For those that have seen her army crawl, you know how funny it looks. On our hardwoods, it looks as though she’s swimming.

Lately, she’s been doing her army crawl less and less and crawling on her hands and knees more often (I don’t know how that doesn’t hurt her knees). I just wanted to post her army crawl video since I don’t know how much longer she will be doing it.

As you can see in the video, she loves those little puffs.

GSHS Brunch

This time around, our brunch included children…6 of them.  After much wrangling, we eventually got a picture of all the kids.  (Lucky Mickey, since he is the only boy!)