Christmas brunch at Drury Lane


For Lola’s 94th birthday, we went to Drury Lane for brunch. There was no way Olivia was going to make it through her first Christmas without some sort of holiday outfit, which my mom brought to Drury Lane for Olivia to change into.

Lola was too sick to make it out to Drury Lane, so we celebrated her 94th bday back at the house.

This is a pic of Lola with all of her grand and great grandchildren living in Chicago

It’s finally over!!

School, that is.  Getting another degree took a couple more years than I expected; an extra year for prerequisites, an extra year for the masters and then an extra semester because I decided to take classes in lieu of writing a thesis.  But it is finally over and I can now include 4 extra letters after my name, MS RD!

Kudos to parents that take classes while raising children, because trying to find enough time to study while watching Olivia was very tough.

I am done with school…for now.

She is mobile!

Now we need to start thinking about gates…

12.05.08 — Olivia’s first attempt at crawling; her slink.  She had to work so hard just to move one arm’s pull.

12.16.08 — She advanced her crawl to lunging when she’s on her hands and knees and begins to army crawl.

12.27.08 — She loves to “walk” while somebody holds her

01.04.08 — She climbs over things and even goes for Brian’s SBUX

Nursery: Before and After


Now that the little OAT is more mobile, we had to close up the opening in her nursery.  Bryce pretty much built the wall and, with Brian’s help, put it together.  Romeo and I were just there for moral support and some painting!

Balancing act


Within the past few weeks, Olivia has become so much more mobile.   She’s perfecting her army crawl, though she still cannot crawl on her hands and knees, can push up onto her feet and loves to climb over anything.  She also loves to “walk” and tries to stand on anything she can use to help her. She’s like a monster truck…

Here’s a clip of her trying to stand while holding onto and chewing part of her toy at the same time – how long do you think she can hold on for?