Olivia’s trying to travel while standing


About 1 week after she learned to stand while holding onto something, she tred to move from one toy to the couch to the coffee table while always holding onto something.  Here’s a video of one of her first attempts:

Just because she can stand it doesn’t mean she knows how to get down.  Two weeks later, she is still trying to learn how to sit or get down from standing.  Most of the time she slowly lets go and falls.  Here’s her first attempt at trying to reach a toy on the ground:

She is teething…really!


Her Auntie Janelle (future pediatrician) noticed white spots on her gums where first teeth usually appear.  We checked the next day and could FEEL and SEE the top of the tooth!

Now when I use the “teething” excuse, that may actually be the case!  How will I know that she is crying bc of the tooth coming in or if she is just annoyed?

Hey soon-to-be moms, does anybody need…

Olivia has outgrown some of the “equipment” we bought for her.  These little babies outgrow them so quickly!  We want to keep them for baby Tsai #2 (I’m not pregnant), but wouldn’t mind getting them out of the house for a bit.

Let me know if you want to borrow a swing, bassinet, activity playmats or bumbo chair+tray.

Olivia’s first holiday season

Olivia did some reading (“What to expect; the first year”)

Now she has a preference for where we order dinner.  I think Brian got her hooked on Pat’s Pizza.

Watched lots of TV with her dad

She checked out her first Christmas tree

She started sitting up – turns out all we had to do was give her toys to play with while she sat up to get her to sit up!

She had Christmas lunch at Fogo for the first time with Ama (grandma) and Angkong (grandfather).

She had lots of fun playing with her Ninang Mei, trying to eat the wrapping paper and play with her gifts

The Tsai’s got a Christmas card from John McCain!

Her dad annoyed her