Babies, babies and more babies…(Updated 01.07.09)

(No, I’m not talking about Brad Pitt and Anjolina Jolie’s family.)

So many of you are pregnant right now, that I had to make a list to keep everybody’s info straight:

  1. Rebecca Goldkamp is pregnant with #2 and due in April.  Also, her twins (Otis and Louise) just turned 1 today!
  2. Angie Wisker is pregnant with her #1 and due on May 26 and she is having a BOY
  3. The Cozad’s just sent us an email that they are pregnant with their second son!
  4. Amy Hazer just had baby #2, Levi Alexander.
  5. Kathy Bartels is pregnant with #2 and due in April…another GIRL!
  6. Lana (Mc-Daddy-Corkle) Rafferty is pregnant with #1, due Cinco de Mayo and she is having a BOY!
  7. Ali May is pregnant with #1, a Valentine baby (Feb 11) and sex is unknown
  8. Ande (Sundwick) Schultz is pregnant with her first, and KATHLEEN IS HERE!
  9. Corey Welsh just delivered #2, little Ms. Phoebe Clair and pics will come soon
  10. Cheryl Tsai is pregnant with #1, a girl, and also due near Valentine’s day on Feb 13.
  11. Whitney Myers is pregnant with #1 but due date is TBD.  Check out her pic – can you tell how far along she is?  You can find out on her blog:

Am I missing anybody out there?  I hope to join you all soon (not very soon, but sometime).

I get excited whenever I hear somebody is pregnant, partially because it reminds me of being pregnant.  It is hard to forget the feeling of the first kick, growing (stretching belly), bumping into things, frequent urination and anticipation.  Of course, we moved while I was pregnant…it got me out of lots of unpacking (thanks, Brian)!

We can’t wait to meet them all!

Daddy Day Care Part 1

I have a deep respect for all mothers out there. It’s one of the toughest jobs and the patience and attention required is one to be admired. I feel blessed to have such loving family and friends and having a child is my proudest acheivement to date. I can’t help but smile when I think of my daughter and can’t wait to have a few more. Annalisa has been great updating our blog and it’s such a great experience to go back in time and see how small she was and it’s only been 5 months and time flies by so fast. We added a monthly newsletter so all you have to do is put in your email and subscribe to it in the left hand side….we hope to that we can continue to share news of our friends and families…..and all these damn babies that are being born. Apparently, we aren’t 21 anymore. Here is one of my favorite pics.

Olivia tries to eat…something other than breastmilk

About 3 weeks ago, we started feeding her rice cereal.  She makes the funniest, confused face when she puts the cereal in her mouth because she doesn’t know what to think.  I really don’t think she likes it, but she gets confused.  I’m praising her like she did something amazing, so half of her wants to be excited as well.

More cereal on the outside of her mouth

She probably liked chewing on the spoon more than eating the cereal…

Olivia likes to drink…

It’s true, she loves to drink…out of a glass!  She reaches for the glass everytime we drink when we’re holding her (she thinks it’s within reach).  This particular day, she was so excited to drink that she even enjoyed it after choking a big on the water (it was hard for me to pour water into her mouth while recording).

She drinks, coughs a bit, but still wants more…