Olivia’s first playmate – little Ms. Eliza Jane

Last night, I went over to Ashlee’s so the little girls could play together and it was hilarious.  Both of them can roll around, so they just rolled into each other!

Olivia had fun playing with different toys, but she definitely knew she wasn’t at home.  It took her some time to get adjusted…I think Olivia’s very shy.

Eliza is adorable, and she’s grown so tall so fast (sorry Olivia, but you’re Asian and shorter).  Olivia is just staring at Eliza wondering how she got so much taller than her, when she’s the older one…

New arrival: Julia Elizabeth Aherns

Terri and Kevin added baby #2 to their growing family.  Terri’s labor and delivery was very exciting, to say the least.  Contractions came on so fast, that Kevin thought he was going to have to deliver her in the car on the way to the hospital.  Julia was born about 12 minutes after arriving at the hospital!

Olivia’s Christening

The was baptized this past weekend, and her godparents are Mei (Brian’s sister), Gerardo (Brian’s BFF), Christie (my cousin) and Romeo (my brother).  Suprisingly, Olivia did not mind the cold dunk and didn’t cry during the ceremony at all!  My mom also bought her the headband bow, b/c she was worried people would not realize she is a girl!  Sometimes Olivia looks like an Oliver :)

I was surprised at how the process made us feel like more of a family, as one unit.  Maybe it was the realization that we, together, are responsible for shaping her in so many different ways.  Maybe it just made us feel old – ha!

This is a pic of all the godparents:

4 generations of Chacon women:


After the ceremony, we had a lunch reception where Olivia was little Ms. Social Butterfly meeting and greeting people.  In this picture, she’s telling Dave a joke – was it really funny or was Dave just smiling to be nice?

After the ceremony and after a busy reception, Olivia wanted to unwind with a beer.  Don’t worry – we didn’t let her.

Baptism: What should she wear?

Brian’s mom gave us a white robe-like gown to put on over her clothes for the ceremony, so I was debating between and traditional white dress and a pink dress (thanks to my mom that went crazy shopping for her).

We decided to use the white dress, and I’m glad we did.  Who knew the modern baptism didn’t put the gown on until the end of the ceremony!

Pepper on Southport (Halloween)

Our first Halloween and OAT was a jalapeno pepper (thanks, Iris!)

We walked down Southport to try and find other fruits and vegetables to take pictures with.  Here’s what we found (note the look of joy on all of these kids faces)

A pepper and a pea in the pod, neither of which looked very happy to be in their costumes.

Organic banana:

Eliza the apple

A kid says “No to sweets”

Looking back

It’s been only 4 months since Olivia was born.  On one hand it feels like it was just last week she was born, bc time has just flown by.  On the other hand, when we think of how much more comfortable we are with her, it feels like years.

I think back to how nervous I was to hold Olivia when they handed her to me and how I had never changed a diaper (this changed VERY quickly).  I remember how I used to cringe when Brian told me 2 hrs had passed and it was time to feed her bc of the pain of breastfeeding.  Now, it’s like second nature and I can’t really believe it hurt that badly.  We treated and held her like she was so fragile when we bathed her, and now we realize we can’t break her.

We are responsible for another human being – we still can’t believe it.  Somebody or something felt that we were responsible enough to have a child of our own.  The past 4 months has been amazing, and we find ourselves just staring at her feeling so fortunate and blessed.

She is so much fun to watch, bc she is growing and changing so quickly!  More of her personality is surfacing, and she’s already so tenacious – especially when she wants something in her mouth!

Now pronouncing Mr. & Mrs. Sobremente…Kauai, HI

We recently got back from Julie and Dennis’ wedding in Kauai, and what a beautiful wedding it was.  They did the best (and longest – 8mins) first dance ever.  It started off slow, then went through almost each and every “one hit wonder” song from every decade including Grease Lightning, Hammer Time and PaperBoy Ditty.  It was held at a charming plantation off of the shore surrounded by unbelievably enormous trees (you will see the size of one of the trees in the pics).  They also had a very witty slideshow presentation of pics.  These two goof-balls take pics that look like they’re pushing the sun up and holding huge building in their tiny hand!

We got to spend time with family that we don’t often get to see and meet the latest arrivals. It was a fun family vacation, which meant fun family babysitters as well!

We went ziplining, kayaking and hiking to a secret waterfall – yes, Brian participated in these physical activities too!  We rented an amazing 2BR condo (mykauaicondo.net) we shared with my brother and Bryce that came complete with wifi (yes, we brought laptops – 3 of them) and located right along the ocean and next door to the resorts.

Ziplining video:

View some pics: