Video: Rolly Poly

This girl loves to roll over all of the time!  The second you set her down on her back, she rolls over onto her front just to roll back onto her back, which she hates so she begins the process all over again.  She only rolls in one direction, so, yes, Olivia just rolls down until she hits a wall. Just see the video and you’ll see what I mean.

It is so difficult to change her diaper and clothes!

Creative artist –

Anybody that knows me knows that the title is not referring to me! The picture below is just one sample of his work – check out his site ( for more great photos.  He takes pictures of some of the simplest objects like street lights and wooden steps and gets really creative with them.

This is a picture of the bridge that is permanently up near East Bank.

She did it again!

Just yesterday she rolled over the other way – from her back to her front!  She seems to roll this way much easier, and I think it’s bc she hates being on her back so much.  All morning, she’s been rolling onto her stomach when I lay her down on her back.

It’s funny to watch her, bc she really has to use her ab muscles to get over onto her stomach far enough that she can get her arm out from under her.

We definitely do not set her on the couch or bed anymore.  At least we have some time before she starts crawling, then we will really have to watch where we set her down! yikes!

Olivia uses her hands – Rock on!

If you’ve seen our little OAT lately, you know how much she LOVES her sucking on her fingers.  Also, she’s started teething and will bite down on your finger if you put it close enough to her mouth…watch out!

Now she’s learning how to use her fingers to put more things in her mouth for to bite down on.  In the pic below, we wrapped her fingers around the ring and she held on to it and put it up to her mouth and bit down!  Also, check out her TV chair (thanks for suggesting, Tejal) – haha

Olivia must be a rocker, b/c she is always flashing up the rocker sign:

Stop, drop and ROLL

We woke up yesterday morning, and I thought she would roll over if she had more room in the bassinet.  We placed her on the bed and played with her, as is our morning routine, and all of a sudden she rolled over from her stomach and onto her back – she was looking up at us and we were looking down on her!  It took us a minute to process what she did.  To make sure it wasn’t a fluke, we placed her on her stomach again, and she rolled onto her back again!

Uh oh, now we have to be very careful about where we put her down…

We caught this on her 2nd day of rolling:

4 new videos!!

  1. 7 weeks old: Olivia tries to whistle (for real) and “ooh.”  Watch her lips.  
  2. 10 days old: we try to wake up the OAT to play with her bc all she did was sleep for the first 3 weeks of her life…she even nursed with her eyes closed!  Even now she loves to sleep and doesn’t even get her day started until about 10am…she is her father’s daughter!
  3. 10 days old: she played the guitar!
  4. 2 weeks old: one of the first times we heard her cry

Teething, nursing strikes and whining

The week we left for our vacation, Olivia decided to change things up.  She started a nursing strike, making the trip a little more complicated, and I think she’s started teething!!

1) Nursing strike:  I feel like I spent half of my trip enjoying Hawaii and the other half pumping then feeding her!  To top it all off, my milk supply had decreased and she lost a little bit of weight.  In an effort to bolster the supply, I was making an effort to pump often.  To make sure we had enough milk in a bottle for Olivia, I even had to pump in a public restroom in LAX…gross!  Could you imagine standing in a public restroom and pumping?  Maybe some have already done this?

2) Teething:  We really think she’s teething b/c she’s started chewing on her pacifier.  Also, when she takes my finger she’s biting down on it now, and she has pretty strong gums for a 3 month-old!

3) Just today, we heard her whine for the first time and she even created a different cry to go with it.  However, she stopped as soon as I took her sweater off, so maybe it was merely her “I’m too hot” cry?  We will have to follow-up on this one.