Bears game vs Tampa Bay

This may be the only posting that doesn’t contain a picture or video of Olivia. It was my (Annalisa) first time being away from her for that long, and I really missed her by the time we started heading home. It’s a weird feeling to miss something after only being gone for about 5 hours…

Anyway, Terri & Kevin and Brian & I went to the Bears game against Tampa Bay. Yes, I was wearing TB colors instead of Bears colors. That was one of the first things Kevin pointed out to me! Even Terri’s little basketball belly was covered in Bears gear. It was a great game, despite the loss in overtime (“unnecessary roughness at the end of the play”); the weather was perfect and we got to get away from our seats for a bit to have lunch in the Cadillac room.

We even got on the field to take some cool pics:


Changes…happening so often now.  Each week, Olivia grows a bit more:

  • She’s become great at soothing herself by sucking on her fingers, even though she can rarely find her thumb
  • She just started staring at her hands in awe.
  • She enjoys her reflection and even coos at herself in the mirror (who doesn’t)
  • She’s gotten over the whistling and now tries to talk to you by cooing combined with little bouts of screeches - it sounds kind of like a cat when she tries to “talk”

Yesterday, I learned that she loves the Purdue fight song.  The Mays got her a drum that plays the Purdue fight song (thanks).  When I played the fight song for Olivia she just stared and began to cooh at it - her version of singing and talking.  She started to fuss when I laid her on her back today, but was mesmorized when I played that Purdue fight song and she stopped!

Today, all she wanted to do was to be on her feet and “walk!”  We held her up, of course.  We are so surprised at how quickly she is changing, coming into her own and growing.

Sometimes we just stare at her and cannot believe that we have a child and are parents.  We realize how blessed and fortunate we are.  I feel that the toughest part of having a newborn is over (thank goodness).  Olivia is sleeping throughout most of the night, eat/sleep cycle is somewhat predictable and we are familiar with her different types of crying.  Drives are always a gamble, but I’ve mastered the art of reaching back, finding her mouth and sticking the pacifier in it!  Brian really enjoys having a daughter bc, he feels, he gets to be more affectionate with her.

Though we are sad to see Olivia grow up a bit each week, it is exciting to see what new thing will make her laugh.  She really has us doing many stupid things to find out!

We say “No!” to the pacifier…

Because Olivia found her fist!  She starts with a closed fist, sucking on one end hoping a finger pops out.  Sometimes she’ll get lucky.  We caught her with her middle finger, index finger and, more recently, her thumb!  Who needs a pacifier?  I think we’ve got ourselves a future thumb sucker…

(Picture below: Our OAT is sucking on her index finger – so close to the thumb!)

Sucking her finger