Bears game vs Tampa Bay

This may be the only posting that doesn’t contain a picture or video of Olivia. It was my (Annalisa) first time being away from her for that long, and I really missed her by the time we started heading home. It’s a weird feeling to miss something after only being gone for about 5 hours…

Anyway, Terri & Kevin and Brian & I went to the Bears game against Tampa Bay. Yes, I was wearing TB colors instead of Bears colors. That was one of the first things Kevin pointed out to me! Even Terri’s little basketball belly was covered in Bears gear. It was a great game, despite the loss in overtime (“unnecessary roughness at the end of the play”); the weather was perfect and we got to get away from our seats for a bit to have lunch in the Cadillac room.

We even got on the field to take some cool pics:

Out of town visitors

My cousin John came from SF with a couple of his buddies and got their asses whooped. I’m sure they will return the favor when we head out west. Also visiting from the west was my brother and his family. It was very nice seeing all the family and introducing them to the OAT. See a few photos below, and yes, i know i look retarded.

Iphone enabled

Well if you can read this, our blog has successfully gone mobile. We will now be updating our site with more frequency since we are always on the go. We hope you enjoy the site and encourage everyone to connect with thier family and friends!