Look at this goofy child

In the first pic, she climbs into the hamper while I’m doing laundry.  In the next pic is her “confused” face.  If you ask her to show you “confusion,” this is what you’ll get.  In the last picture, she’s just being goofy.  She started running around squealing and dancing for no reason – there wasn’t even music playing (what goes on in her head?)

Olivia’s 1yr (1.5 yr) pics

We meant to get these done for her 1st birthday, but we are running a little late (as is our holiday cards).

Jen and her husband, Mike, came over and took pictures of us (mostly Olivia) this weekend. They were so much fun to work with, and Olivia had fun showing off her dance moves to new people. She enjoyed them so much, she kept wanting to play with what they were playing with, their cameras.

Also, for the 2nd time in her life, we got her hair into pigtails! We had to do something, bc her hair is growing out like a mullet (sp?) – longer in the back and short in the front…yikes!

Here are some pics posted on the photographers site: http://jensoaresphotography.blogspot.com/

3-baby chorus

For the most part, our visit to the West Coast was fantastic. Amy was able to fit 3 carseats in the backseat of her Jeep, so we didn’t even need to rent a car. Here’s what the 3 kids sounded like in the back seat on our ride home from visiting the Bartels in Santa Rosa: