Derby Days

Dekker was kind enough to invite us to our first Derby, and it was so much fun. I didn’t know much about horses when I got there but learned enough to place bets :) We had our first Mint Julip drinks, and the Derby will be the only place we drink them!

We only had a working camera on Derby Day, which was a rainy day…


Well, Filipinos seem to always have someone in common. My mom just got back from the Phillipines and luckily she knows the right people. This is the gift she got me upon her return.. whohoo!!!

Little shopper

Liv took her first trip to Kiehl’s in Lincoln Park. Thank goodness for the coloring books that kept Liv busy while I got talked into buying everything. the lady that helped me even made Liv a little bag of her own, which Liv loved walking around with. She really likes bags…uh oh.