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Well if you can read this, our blog has successfully gone mobile. We will now be updating our site with more frequency since we are always on the go. We hope you enjoy the site and encourage everyone to connect with thier family and friends!


Meet her new friends

Meet our little OAT’s new friend, Ms. Eliza Jane Roffe.  Eliza was less than 1 week old for this photo op.

This is OAT’s aunt Tracee with Katrina.

Tracee, Katrina and OAT

This is her friend, Charlie with Charlie’s mom, Marinette.

Marinette and Charlie

Just this past week, we went out for a walk with her older friend, Cash.

Mom Bridget with Cash and OAT

First bottle, first suction and first spin class

Both Olivia and I reached new milestones this week – Olivia her first bottle and me my first spin class in over 4 months!!

We were so worried about her taking to the bottle, and she ate out of the bottle no problem!  I AM FREE, I AM FREE – we can now be away from a comfy breastfeeding spot for more than 2 hours!  Maybe now Brian can wake up in the middle of the night to feed her…

My first spin class, specifically the seat, was quite painful and very difficult.  I can’t believe I used to do that often – it’s hard!

Olivia’s first suction:

Things we have learned…

We have been parents now for 3 weeks, and we have learned/discovered:

  1. how to change a diaper
  2. how to live life in 2-3 hr increments
  3. my breasts can sometimes act like geysers, making a mess and sometimes erupting spontaneously
  4. Our OAT poops both before AND after a feed, so we go through LOTS of diapers!
  5. she’s like a mini-person and prefers to sleep on her side.

Welcome to blog.tsaiworld.com

We are so excited to announce the addition of our little OAT, Olivia Avendano Tsai. When we met her, we did not think she looked like an Avery, Sophia, Emily or Maddy. She remained nameless for two days until we realized she looked a lot like an Olivia.

She was named after my aunt Olivia who has passed away and also with thoughts for my aunt Olive in the Phillipines and her family that is dealing with my cousin’s cancer. We love all our family and friends and are so very excited to introduce her to all of you.

We want to use this blog as an easy way to share pictures, updates and announcements with you, so come back to see what’s new. To start things off, take a look at this funny video of our human baby turtle. Also are a few pics for your enjoyment